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Captivate: Software Demo

Tool: Adobe Captivate

Category: eLearning, Presentation

Description: Adobe Captivate creates interactive presentations for learning purposes. It’s commonly used to create eLearning modules.

This is a video portfolio that demonstrates my work and experience. I recorded my projects with narration in Adobe Captivate, edited the audio, and added fades, text captions, and text animation.

Another project I created with Captivate is this software demonstration that shows users how to log on to a learning management system. I created an instructional design document to determine the learning objectives and then made a storyboard of the scenes to prepare for recording the presentation. I recorded and edited the demo in Adobe Captivate, adding zooming, highlights, text captions and mouse clicks.


Portfolio Highlight Reel

An inside look at the experience and philosophy of an Instructional Designer and Educational Technologist. A three minute video resume:

This video portfolio demonstrates my work and experience:

For more information, view my Portfolio and Resume.

I wouldn’t be an Instructional Designer if I didn’t have an urge to share with you how I created this final video!

I scripted and used storyboards to determine what I wanted to say and what corresponding assets/ images would be included.  I kept in mind that my audience of busy professionals and instructional designers would only have an attention span of 2-4 minutes.

After the design phase was complete, I filmed the “talking head” portions using my iPhone (iOS6), an Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens, and the App FiLMiC Pro. I was also lit. Once I gathered footage and B-roll, Adobe Premiere Pro was used to edit the final video.

To share it with the world, I added the final video to my YouTube page, posted publicly but disabling comments. I used the Embed option under the Share feature to insert the video source into my Web site. And Voila! There we have it!

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