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Tech and Sports: No Longer a Spectator Sport

NCAA basketballAhh! March Madness is in the air. Basketball talk is flying around the water cooler and many people are re-doing their busted brackets. I, for one, am still nursing my bruised ego from Syracuse’s 2-point defeat from Dayton.

Why are we so connected to sports? Technology has made sports more than a spectator sport.

Online brackets make choosing teams simple and easy. Not only are you choosing your teams, but you can compare your bracket to others’. President Obama chose his bracket on live television, Warren Buffet put in his two cents, and millions comment about live games simultaneously on Twitter and Facebook.

Fantasy leagues make it so we can play along with the pro teams, beating out our friends for league champion titles. Fantasy leagues also give the hardcore sports fan an excuse to watch every game, with or without the support of their spouse. Let’s hope it’s with the support, because let’s face it, being a fantasy leaguer is a life choice.

Technology helps sports fans to further connect with the teams they love. They can catch the games from their mobile devices, follow and interact with players on social media and record games for instant replays.

This sports fan is grateful for the increased interaction with sports that technology allows.



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