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Avoiding the “T” Word

Engaging Faculty in the Use of Technology Without Using the “T” Word

danland_logoI’ve added “Wind” to the “Windy City” this week.  I co-presented at CALIcon13: Conference for Law School Computing in Chicago.

My topic can be useful for any EdTech Professional. It covers how to communicate and reach your Faculty about technology without evoking fear, stress, anxiety and dissonance. These feelings typically hinder innovation and adoption of Educational Technology.

You can view the content slides with notes in PDF Format or watch the hour-long recording starring yours truly (and co-starring the man that signs her paychecks):

Key Points include:

  • Advocate for the person who uses the tool, not just the tool
  • Support people, who in turn, support the Educational Mission
  • Don’t find a problem for the tool, find a tool for the problem
  • Craft your message and language specific to your audience
  • When communicating, be Simple (concise), Specific (give every detail necessary, but only the necessary details), and Visual.
  • Know what you are saying
  • Know who you are saying it to
  • Build relationships to build trust to build collaboration
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