Sharing is Caring: Knowledge Sharing

downloadWe all do it. We share information, skills, and expertise with those around us. This activity is formally called Knowledge Sharing, but the free flow exchange of information is an important part of everyday professional development.

Recently I shared with a colleague in the sales department my eLearning planning toolbox. This toolbox included an instructional design document, a template PowerPoint, and a draft roadmap for building eLearning programs. Sharing these design templates with my colleague helped her to start planning her own eLearning program. She also received training on recording and editing tools. By providing her with this information and helping her get started, she will be able to create a program that adds value to her department.

There are several different modes of communicating and sharing information. Examples include Wikipedia, workplace shared drives, and informational meetings. This Web site is another example of how information can be shared. Formal knowledge sharing experiences include conferences, conventions, and publications created by professional organizations. Knowledge is also shared informally- conversations over coffee and in the break room can have great impact on a person’s work.

Knowledge sharing has specific benefits. It promotes cross-functional training. Knowledge Sharing promotes participative decision-making and shared expectations. It fosters good will among colleagues and it fosters an open and trusting environment. When you’re on the receiving end of information, you learn and better yourself. When you’re on the giving end of knowledge sharing you exhibit your professional expertise, which can help establish a positive reputation in your field. Knowledge Sharing also helps to establish professional relationships.

Some people use information as a way to control power. Keeping information and tips to yourself may give you an edge over your colleagues. But I strongly feel that the more you share the more value can be added to the company.


About Julie Tausend Burba

Instructional Designer at Hulu, Ed Tech and Project Management enthusiast. MBA Technology Management, MS Management, BS Communications, Traveler and Cook.

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